IFS and BRC Certificates

The company Solo Cose Buone has always been sensitive to environmental issues and food safety aspects.

For this reason, since 2013 it has been implementing the IFS (Internationa Food Stardard) and BRC (Global Standard Food) standards at the highest levels.

The main elements that characterize the BRC and IFS standards are:
• adoption of a HACCP system;
• adoption of a documented quality management system;
• control of standards for work environments, for the product, for the process and for human resources;
• existence of appropriate procedures and specifications for:
– raw materials (including packaging materials);
– finished product, intermediate / semi-finished products;
– monitoring of suppliers;
– site positioning;
– hygiene and staff organization standards;
– process control.

Organic Certificate

One of the most important goals of the Solo Cose Buone is to bring everyone the joy that only well-made food can give.

For this reason the company has decided to create an Organic line, in order to bring quality products to all and at the same time, to guarantee production in balance with the environment.

In order to achieve compliance, the company Solo Cose Buone had to choose an external and independent company that carries out checks in every part of the production cycle: initial production phase, processing phases, storage, transport and distribution aimed at sales.

On each organic product there is indicated the “Organic Certification Card” where it is indicated:

  • Community logo
  • Controlled operator
  • Country and term referring to organic production
  • Control body
  • Origin of the raw material (EU, EU / NON EU)

VeganOK Certificate

514563-vegan okSolo Cose Buone is VeganOK certified. This certification states that no substance/part present in the products with VeganOK brand is animal or imply directly and willfully killing, possession or exploitation of animals. VeganOK is the first Ethical certification for Vegan products originated in Italy and guarantees precise ethical and environmental characteristics to the consumer.

The certified products show on the label or on the packaging the VeganOK logo.

Kosher Certification – Only on request

Solo Cose Buone, being more and more oriented towards the international market, has decided to certify Kosher‘s products only at the request of the customer.

Obtaining the Kosher certificate means producing food that is fit for consumption and complies with Kosher food standards.

The Kosher certification is obtained following a control process by a rabbinical entity specializing in Kosher certifications, which supervises the production in order to guarantee that it is kosher, that is to say conforming to Jewish food regulations.

In general, supervision focuses on two aspects:

Ingredients: all ingredients and ingredients used in a product must be kosher.

Processing plants: they must be kosher and cannot be used, unless properly Kosherized, in the case of alternate processing.

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