As a result of the careful selection of quality ingredients and thanks to the variety of flavours, Solo Cose Buone Grissini are excellent to eat alone or combined with cold cuts and cheeses of the Italian tradition.



Classic Spizzata

The product symbol of the excellence Solo Cose Buone, the Spizzata are the perfect substitute of the bread, ideal for your lunches, for the family dinners or the aperitifs with friends.

Available in different flavours to satisfy every palate.

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Crackers Classic

The care in the selection of ingredients and experience in the preparation create the Cracker Solo Cose Buone, crunchy and ideal to accompany your meals and aperitifs with their different flavours.

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Mini Stick

Mini Stick Classic

A tasty snack in a practical package. The Mini Stick are ideal to enjoy a product rich in flavour in a convenient format.

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Righelli Classic

Great taste in a small format. The Righelli Solo Cose Buone are born from a long rising process, which gives the product the characteristic friability.

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Organic Line

Cracker Classic BIO

All the tastiness of the best products manufactured with raw materials from organic agriculture, you can find it in our Organic Line.

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Appeti-ckers Line

Crunchy and fragrant crackers enclosed in a brand new package. All to try!

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Scrocchiarelle Line

An alternative to bread? Try our Scrocchiarelle with seeds! Available in three different variations all to be enjoyed.

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Lines in Card Box

Our CARD BOX: practical and NEW packaging, ideal to enjoy our products at any time of the day, comfortably at home or to take with you.